Valuations and Objections

20 April 2016

Fellow Residents and Homeowners,

We have been extremely busy doing valuations around the lifestyle estates (Silvertree, Stonehurst, Silwersteen and Steenberg) over the past two months. This being due to the municipal valuations being revised. We have been doing our utmost to speak to the relevant department in the municipality regarding how they worked these valuations out. Having being shunted from pillar to post, we are still no closer to a real answer! We did, however, hear an interview on the radio which stated that there was a 6% increase across the board. Despite this supposed across the board increase, we have found that there are vast discrepancies as far as the municipal valuation increases go.

If you are one of the homeowners who are unhappy with, or hasn’t received your notification, or you simply need some more information, please feel free to contact us for info on what / where / how to determine a new valuation, or the objection process itself.

Remember, only 9 days to go and then you’re stuck with new valuation on which your new rates are based for the next four years….

A quick update on how the properties in Silvertree Estate are performing:
There have been 12 sales in the past 12 months ranging from R5,000,000 to R8,000,000. We have seen a general trend in the buyers were people moving from Johannesburg through to Cape Town. We have heard statistics that there are approximately 400 families moving to Cape Town from Johannesburg every month. That is staggering!!! The demand for security estates is ever increasing especially as far as the Johannesburg buyers go. It seems that the majority of the buyers for Silvertree have children who will be attending Reddam and/or the American School.

We have requests on a daily basis from clients looking for houses in Silvertree (for both rental and sale) as stock is short and demand is high.

Lastly, a friendly reminder about the Silvertree Homeowners Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Date : Thursday 28th April 2016
Venue : Reddam School in the JP Hall
Time : 18h30.